Day 120: Work Mothers 

I have six “mothers” at work. As the youngest person on my team and surrounded by older women with nothing better to occupy their time with, I constantly find myself the subject of many long-winded conversations.

My work mothers love to impart all kinds of motherly advice on me and tease me about my non-existent personal life, marriage and kids. I know they mean well and since I’m a good sport, it makes for a very interesting, fun-filled afternoon 🙂 .

This one time, one of them was speaking to a man on the phone who apparently sounded so young, polite and handsome (how one can judge how young or handsome someone is from their voice? Beats me! I guess I don’t have this skill yet!). So naturally, she thought “Oh, I wonder if he’s single and if I can set him up with Kiyomi.”

She excitedly called everyone over to her desk to tell them she may have found me a potential match and proceeded to search his profile on LinkedIn. They had all gathered around her desk and were having a good laugh about something.

It just so happens that I had stepped away from my desk at that moment and when I returned, one of them called me over. As I approached her desk, I could see that the young, handsome man she wanted to set me up with is actually a much older man, well into his senior years. I couldn’t help but laugh too – they all got so worked up over someone based on his voice! They knew nothing about him but immediately thought, “wow, maybe he’s single and we can set them up!” They clearly seem to care more about my personal life than I do!



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