Day 121: The Unexpected Guest

I stayed a little longer at work today to finish off a few things when my coworker got a frantic call from home.

We were about to leave when she got a call from her son (he’s 12) and he was beside himself. He wanted her to come home right away to ward off an unexpected guest – a centipede!

Apparently, her son, her husband and the 20 year-old exchange student that’s staying with them, were all huddled into a corner armed with footwear. None of them wanted to get rid of the centipede. Escape wasn’t an option either and they needed her to rescue them as soon as possible. So, off she went to rescue them.

I asked her what would happen if they had found the centipede earlier in the day. Would she really have left work to rescue them? Would they have stayed in that corner all day armed with footwear? Apparently the answer to both of those questions is yes! 😂

But, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how this story ends.

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