Day 127: Sushi & Vegetarianism

Despite the fact that more people are choosing vegetarian and vegan diets, there are very few places around my workplace that offer vegetarian options. I am not a vegetarian but I have been eating a lot of vegetarian meals lately. With the limited options, my go-to lunch is always a vegetarian pizza (on the days I forget to pack one). But, I changed it up recently and decided to go for sushi and was pleased at all the vegetarian options. There are many different maki rolls with avocado, asparagus, sweet potato, mushrooms and tofu. The best part – they are just as good as any of the seafood ones!

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is that the longer I go without eating meat, the less appealing it becomes. I stopped eating red meat when I was 11. We had gone on a trip to my parent’s homeland and the place we were staying had a goat in the backyard. One day, the goat disappeared and in its place was a big bowl of red meat. I felt sick – anytime anyone offered me a meal that included red meat, I would imagine that goat. I became vegetarian for the rest of the three-month trip.

I never could eat or look at red meat the same way after that. It took me awhile but I slowly started to eat chicken and seafood again. I’m sure if I were to watch a documentary on how they slaughter chickens, I will probably cut that out too. For now, I’m happy to be blissfully ignorant on that process!

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