Day 138: Re-programming negative behaviours

Do you ever find that you self-sabotage when you’re on the verge of something wonderful?

I do.

Lately, I find myself running away from situations that have the potential to make me very happy. Sometimes all it takes is the smallest shadow of doubt to be cast for me to get cold feet and run.

Why is that?

Maybe I think it’s too good to be true or that I don’t deserve to be happy or maybe I’m just afraid of getting hurt. Whatever the reason, I hope to figure it out soon; before I lose something great.

Self-sabotage is not good for my well-being and at least I’m in a place where I can recognize the signs and am trying to re-program this type of behaviour. Compared to a couple of months ago, I’d say my attitude and behaviour have improved considerably  but clearly, there’s still progress to be made.

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