Day 140: Making Hard Choices

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.”
-Nelson Mandela

Wouldn’t it be nice if every decision could be made with the flip of a coin to achieve the best possible outcome? If only it were that simple!

Earlier today, I was listening to a Ted Talk by Ruth Chang called How to make hard choicesIn this talk, she says that hard choices are hard not because of our ignorance but rather because there is no best option. There’s a common misconception that when faced with two alternatives, one must be better than the other but that is not the case. If it were, it would be easy to choose between them.

I have always struggled to make decisions and find myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed whenever I’m faced with a difficult choice. I was once enrolled into two different university programs and received two separate invoices for tuition because I couldn’t decide which one to choose. Talk about being indecisive!

I clearly don’t do well at making decisions, especially important ones, and end up choosing what I believe is to be the safest option. I also find that my decisions are usually fuelled by what I think is best for others and not necessarily what is best for me.

I was faced with a hard choice today and tried to do what’s best for me while also thinking of what’s best for everyone else involved. I tried to make a decision that isn’t rooted in the fear of the unknown but rather the hope that given time, I will be in a better place to really let someone in. I guess only time will tell if I made the right choice and hopefully, I don’t lose a good friend along the way.

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