Day 143: Guided Meditation & Sleep

I have a hard time quieting my mind. There always seems to be a million thoughts racing around up there. I think as an habitual multi-tasker, I have a hard time focusing on one task, one moment. But, I’m working on it!

I’ve tried meditating on my own and have my morning tea ritual but even so, my mind has not quite mastered the art of being quiet. Especially before bed, I find myself lost in an endless stream of thoughts which is probably why I always wake up feeling tired in the morning. My mind loves to go a mile a minute but the more I meditate, the easier it’s become to focus and relax the mind.

One of my friends recommended that I try this app called Insight Timer and I found it very helpful. It has a lot of videos and a timer so you can do a guided meditation or self-practice. There are videos for sleep, emotional healing, anxiety, and much more.

Usually, it takes me an hour or more to fall asleep. I did a couple of sleep meditations recently and have found myself falling asleep in no time. I’ve noticed the meditations have also helped me stay asleep longer. I am someone who gets up at least two or three times a night so it was really surprising one day when I had slept right through to morning!

The guided meditations have been very helpful in improving my sleep quality but I found this great article by Dr. Damon Ashworth in which he outlines 8 easy steps to improved sleep which I also want to give a try – starting with #3 staying away from bright screens before bed! I guess that means I need to write my daily blog posts earlier in the evening from now on! 🙂


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