Day 153: The joys of cooking, baking & eating ;)

“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”
– Barbara Coloroso

Getting together with a group of friends or family to cook and share a meal is extremely satisfying. When everyone pitches in to prepare a meal, there’s a special bond that is formed. Food really does bring people together.

Cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends is so important to our well-being (or at least mine). It breeds camaraderie and really shows people you care.

I love cooking and baking for and with people. This week, I had several opportunities to cook with and bake for my friends and family. It’s interesting how something so simple can bring a little bit of joy into our lives.

Sometimes, when I’m exhausted after a long day of work, cooking can feel like a chore. On those days, I wish a plate of my mom’s home cooking would just materialize in front of me – and it does. 🙂 I’m lucky that my mom is a great cook but also that I get to enjoy her cooking.

Perhaps it’s because of her that I enjoy cooking and baking for other people too. I see the joy in her when my siblings and I have devoured one of her meals or specially baked goods. Some families don’t eat together but I think this is what has brought mine together. My older sister moved out, my brothers are away at school and my younger sister is currently out-of-town but that hasn’t stopped us from sending each other pictures of drool-worthy food that we’ve cooked or consumed while on vacation or with friends.

So, I guess in my case, a family that eats together, stays together will torture each other with delicious food pictures when the others aren’t around. But, despite that, it’s always fun cooking and sharing a meal with my friends and family – it truly is a unifying experience.

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