Day 159: Forgiveness

“Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight.”
– Judy Belmont

In order to truly let go of the past, it’s important to accept your actions and the choices you’ve made that have led you to this moment. Sometimes it’s easier to wallow in self-pity than to look at yourself in the mirror and forgive yourself for the role you played to get here. Whether it be ignoring the red flags that have been frantically waving at you all along or making choices based on what’s easy and not what’s right, at the end of the day, we all make mistakes.

Learn from them, forgive yourself and move on.

There’s no way to definitively know the outcome of your choices until you are faced with the consequences.  It’s easy to look back and connect the dots but there’s no way for you to predict the future. This is where I’ve been most hard on myself. I keep looking back and seeing all the signs that I missed and punishing myself for not taking the right action. There’s no way to change the past, I need to accept that I made the choices I did and move on.

I also realize that it’s not going to be easy and I can’t just wake up one morning and pretend that my past has suddenly been erased from my life. As much as I would like it to be, it’s not that easy.

It’s okay to fall off the wagon and have moments of weakness. That’s life. The important thing is to get back up and keep going. Believe in yourself.

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