Day 168: Pistachio ice cream & weight loss

Fridays are awesome. Especially in the summer.

I just had a bowl of pistachio ice cream for lunch and it was incredibly delicious. My co-worker and I have been indulging in ice cream a lot lately. We have probably tried all of the Haagen Dazs and Magnum ice cream flavours in the store. I think at one point we had ice cream four times in a single work week! Consequently, we decided it might be more cost-efficient to get a tub instead and that’s how we ended up eating bowls of pistachio ice cream for lunch! Ah, the little things 🙂

It’s funny, for the past few years, I’ve been struggling to get to my “ideal weight” and would try everything from cutting down my portion sizes to being very careful about what I eat. It became an obsessive craze. I would weigh myself every morning, transformed my diet and have tried every single workout video that exists. Nothing worked.

Well, wouldn’t you know, in the last month (even with all the ice cream and other food indulgences – there have been many!), I have finally broken through the plateau and am the lowest weight I’ve ever been. And, guess what? I don’t care!

I had set these expectations for myself and when I didn’t achieve them, I was constantly disappointed. Sometimes, my whole day would be clouded by the number on my scale. I think I’ve been so preoccupied with all the other issues in my life that I’ve finally realized how insignificant that number really is (at least to me). Once I finally stopped caring and just started eating what I want, when I want, and exercising for the pleasure of it, things just started falling together.

I’ve spent a long time carrying around a lot of stress over my weight, my relationship, my desire to get married, everything. I’m surprised I haven’t exploded from all the tension I’ve been carrying around (well, I guess I did or else I wouldn’t be writing this blog to help me get to where I need to be!).

There really is something to be said for training the mind to see things in a positive light and concentrating on the little things that make you happy each day. I still have my moments when I dwell on the past and imagined future. But, every time I write a post and focus on the positive aspects of my day, those worries fade a little into the sea of forgotten thoughts. Eventually, I hope they will become distant memories and I will look back and think just how insignificant those worries are in the grand scheme of my life – just like that number on the scale.

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